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  1. Just want to quickly note that the word “knight” in the first panel is misspelled. Unless that’s just Plague pronounces the word.

    • Oh, you are very right. Thank you for letting me know. :FIXED: 😀

  2. otterlove

    It’s an answer, just not a very satisfactory one. lol

    • Plague’s face ಠ益ಠ
      So not satisfied with that answer and they have a LONG way to travel with this grumpy pants.

  3. They used to be normal dogs, but the dark king found them dead one day and he was like “No, why?! They could have been my friends! I don’t want to be alone!” and then there was a flash of light and the king fainted.
    When he woke up, the dogs had become flying, talking monsters and the king was pale and mute. He got better by meeting a warrior girl and bunch of gryphons. Then he became evil and ruled with an iron fist. The End.

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