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Who are Cyndi Foster and Jeramy Hobz?

Jeramy and Cyndi are the artist power house couple, and creative force behind the all-ages webcomic series, Oops Comic Adventure. We both collaborate completely 50/50 on Oops, sharing art and storytelling tasks. We’ve started Oops Comic Adventure in 2012 and haven’t stop yet.

Not content to just be “normal” with “normal jobs” and live “simple” lives. (pffttt! Booooring!) We live double working lives, by working “normal” jobs by daylight, and drawing comics by moonlight.

Jeramy is an establish comic book artist and Cyndi has a long career in Freelance 2D Animation. We’ve decided it was time to unite our artistic superpowers, and made a pact to work our collective butts off. Pouring our passion for the sequential arts into our own epic saga of Oops Comic Adventure, with a goal of becoming full time comic creators, encouraging kids to read comics, and spread joy and laughter though comics!


What is Oops?

Oops Comic Adventure is a coming of age story about a young street rat, named Oops, living in the medieval city of Castlebury. With the help of his friend, a giant rat named Plague, they set off on a quest to find his family and where he belongs. His only clue to his past is a broken watch lid with an etching of a forgotten family crest. Through stressful situations like, evading the evil dark King Hectric Tepper’s Knights and Hec Hounds, Oops finds that he has magical abilities that burst from him when his emotions reach a boiling point. Gaining friends as he quests, they stand by his side and help him find the answers he seeks.


How can you help us?

Oops Comic Adventure will always be free to read online at, however, with your help though Patreon and printed comic sales, we’ll be able to add more to Oops. For example, more pages a week or even pages in color! With your help, we can focus more time on Oops and build more content for you, our lovely readers. Becoming a patron, can be your way to help us with the creation process of Oops Comic Adventure.