Age: 10
The main character of our story. Oops is an orphan street rat, he can’t remember how he became alone however he vaguely remembers some sort of family in his past. Day in and out, he watches families shop at the marketplace in town and he yearns to find his own family and a place to belong. After an emotional outburst, when he lost his first friend, Oops lost his voice, his skin was drained of color, and he gained two triangle marks on his cheeks. He’s not sure how it happened or how to use them, but he has magical abilities that happen during time of high emotional distress.



Age: 10
Plague is Oops’ first and best friend. He used to be a normal rat, at normal size and color, until he was attacked by a cat and killed. When Oops found him, he accidentally brought Plague back to life but changed. He’s now the size of Oops, green, and talks! Where Oops tries to keep a low profile and stay out of sight, Plague like to stir up trouble and challenge authority figures. Even though his rash actions can sometimes cause more harm than good, Plague is a loyal trustworthy friend that is always there to pull Oops out of the trouble he creates.



Age: 12
Talon is an wild young girl living with a clan of gryphons, called The Rapio Clan. She’s strong willed that speaks her mind and tells it like it is. The leader of the Rapio, Elder Zorro, adopted Talon when she wondered into the Forsaken Forest as a baby. Zorro raised her along side his own son, a gryphon named Cass, and daughter, Malice. Talon has really embraced the wilderness lifestyle and with Cass always at her side, she has taken it upon herself to be the forest guardian and protect the secrets within.



Age: ?
He’s the son of the leader of the Rapio Clan, Elder Zorro, and the next in line to lead the clan. Cassio, or Cass for short, is Talon’s big fluffy adopted brother. The two are the best of friends and are inseparable. Cass is a caring, level headed gryphon and usually the last to lose his temper. However, Plague seems to know how to get his goat.



Wood Elf and apart of the Windy Leaf Clan. All other info currently unknown.



Wood Elf and apart of the Windy Leaf Clan. All other info currently unknown.


Chiefest Ballaving

Master of Thought Magic and Chiefest of the Windy Leaf Clan and Wood Elf people. All other info currently unknown.


Chief of Knights

Chief of Knights lives for law and order. He believes in it so much that he abandoned his name long ago and goes by his royal title, Chief of Knights. However, he has a big soft spot for the citizens of Castleberry and he finds himself torn between protecting the citizens or upholding his oath to the crown. Chief of Knights is the kind of guy that’d enforce taxes being collected from the poor but then going back to each home donating his own purse. After losing his chance to arrest Oops for using magic, King Hectric Tepper the Dark, has stripped him of his title, to a lowly guard, and ordered him to track and arrest Oops, so he can be sentenced to death. Nameless, conflicted, and shamed, Chief of Knights reluctantly hunts Oops down.


King Hectric Tepper

The evil dark nasty … insert mean adjectives … is the villain of our story. He gained control of the throne through dark magic, and killed off the entire royal family. With the city in a frenzy, King Hectric Tepper forced his will over the villagers and took control of the city. Despite many tries to overthrow the king he always seems to be a step ahead of their plan. Any one who dares oppose the king, mysteriously disappears only to show up the next day in the gallows. To keep his subjects dim witted, Hectric Tepper banned libraries and learning establishments to the general public. With little money, broken spirits, and little to no education the villagers had no choice but to accept the dark king as the true king of Castlebury. It been several years since King Hectric Tepper took to the throne and none has seen his face and lived to tell.


The Rapio Clan

The Rapio Clan is a group of gryphons that live in the Forsaken Forest, far to the west of the city Castlebury, toward the Baldy Peaks. No one has seen a gryphon since the throne of Castlebury was taken by the evil King Hectric Tepper. The gryphons, themselves, are a very peaceful race that keep to themselves. The leader of the Rapio Clan, Elder Zorro, is a wise old gryphon and the master of magics. The only human to see the Rapio Clan is Talon who lives with them as an honorary member of the clan.


Elder Zorro

Elder Zorro is an ancient Gryphon and leader of the Rapio Clan. He’s father to Cass, Malice, and adopted Talon as a baby. He’s a master of Spirit magic and plans to teach Oops one day how to control Spirit Magic, after Oops masters Body and Thought magic first.


Hec Hounds

Hec Hounds are horrible twisted creatures that serve the dark King Hectric Tepper. They are the king’s biggest weapon and finality to any order he gives. No one knows where the Hec Hounds came from and they haven’t been seen since the villager’s gave up opposing the king, but from time to time they can still be seen flying around the high up towers of the dark castle.