Hizzah! We’re up and running! And we’re starting with something special. Our cover was illustrated by guest artist and Oops friend, Joshua Stevens. All around great guy and amazingly talented artist, please visit his deviant art site to see more of his art work.

Oops Comic Adventure is a labor of love for both Jeramy and I. It’s our outlet to pour our creativity and imagination into after spending hours of doing mind numbing work. We are very proud to finally present this to you guys and we hope that you enjoy reading Oops as much as we did creating the comic.

Posting and Updates: My schedule will be every Saturday I’ll post a new page. There are 22 pages in Issue 1, and then we’ll move on to Issue 2.

The issue covers will be special. The theme of Oops Comic Adventure is friends and family and learning the true meaning of family. In the spirit of that, each issue cover will be illustrated by some of our great art friends. Jeramy and I first met Josh at our art college, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. During my time at the good ole’ AiFL I practically live in the school 2D animation lab, and most of the time when I would arrive in the lab Josh would already be there watching some horribly bad to the point it’s funny movie while working on his animation adaptation of Half Life Full Life Consequences. Still to this day, one of my all time favorite youtube videos ever. Thank you Josh for being the first to illustrate our issue cover!