Good Morning everyone!  Boy, it’s been rough getting back on track and back on routine since Mega Con.  Please forgive the site as I do some maintenance on it.  I’ve gotten some feedback that the site has a high loading time so I’m trying to optimize it better to bring faster load time.  Please contact us through the contract form to the right side of the screen if you’re experiencing crazy long load time for the site. Thank you!

Oh, almost forgot, we met some awesome people at Mega Con.  A few of which, we met Caroline and Graham Johnson, another husband and wife duo that have their own webcomic series called Of Stars and Swords.  Great artwork and intriguing story, check them out!


Whenever I get the chance I like to visit their site and read a few more pages. I love that they’ve been at this for over a year now so there’s over 70 pages I get to read as well as the weekly updates they put up every Wednesday.