And We’re BACK!  Fresh off the art board, we present to you Issue 2!

This issue’s cover is brought to you by our good friend James Whynot.  Absolutely amazing talented artist, he’s as crazy as his art.  You can view more of his work at

I’ve made a few slight changes to the website.  Moving a few things around to make space for ad spacing so we can keep bring you free comics.  I’ve also added a donation button.  All donations are very much appreciated and we love all the support we can get, Thanks so much! in advanced.

Both Jeramy and I will also be looking into designing special merchandise for Oops; stylish shirts, stickers, buttons.  Should be a very exciting next couple of 22 weeks as we post issue 2.  Please checking in to see the latest updates and new additions to the site/comic.  I’ll be keeping the same posting schedule for Issue 2, every Saturday a new installment we be made live.  As always, please let us know what you think of the comic/site.