If you’re wondering why Issue 2 looks different from Issue 1, there is a good reason why. Also good eye for catching it!  Jeramy did most if not all the artwork for Issue 1.  After Issue 1 was finished, he was commissioned to work on another comic book so Issue 2 really landed on me to take care of till he finished his commission.  Our art styles are very different.  He more technically skilled when it comes to black placements, clothing folds, perspective and I’m lend more toward character driven, cartoony, wacky, energetic art.  So I order to keep progress for Oops going I wrote the script, penciled the pages, light ink on characters, and took care of the dialogue balloons.  Since then Jeramy has finished his commission comic and he’s back adding the finishing touches to Issue 2.  Placing the blacks, backgrounds, folds, basically covering all my weak points.  So this issue should prove to be more cartoony wacky in the character acting that Issue 1.

Also, more big news. Oops is going to Tampa Bay Con August 23-25!  Come by and check us out!