We don’t stop! This Saturday is Creator Owned Expo in Fort Lauderdale. Jeramy and I will be making the 3+ hour drive for the event and then drive back home at the end of the day. Woot 15+ hour day is totally worth it to hang out with nerdy awesome people! XD Can’t wait to see you guys there. COE also marks our 1st year anniversary taking Oops on the road and smacking up these conventions. So far, this past year has been AWESOME! And next year will be just as big with more events and more issues to come.

This is the last page of Issue 3! We did it! XD Next weekend Jeramy and I will be taking our between issue break and August 23 will be the first day of Issue 4. So excited, Issue 4 is packed with lots more magic, adventuring, new friendship and dangers. I CAN’T WAIT!

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