We’re back with Issue 4!

There’s lots of stuff to look forward to in this issue. Not giving too much away, but we get to see what lays beyond the city of Castlebury, meet some new characters, and find out what’s going on with the newly demoted Chief of Knights!

And to kick the start off a very exciting issue, let me present Issue 4’s guest cover artist and our good friend, Tiina Purin. She went above and beyond and made an absolutely beautiful cover. Check out more of her beautiful artwork on her portfolio site, Link to Dragondust Studios.

Check out Tiina’s cover in all it’s glory without the titles:

Click to see full size image

Every issue covers will be special. The theme of Oops Comic Adventure is friendship and learning the true meaning of family. In the spirit of that, each issue cover will be illustrated by one of our great friends. Thanks you guys for lending us your talents.

Jeramy and I are also updating the website’s design and even redesigned the Oops logo. Lots of exciting things to come.