Hey guys, Hobz here this time. I know, weird right? Interesting thing about this page. We were both backed against a wall and on a time crunch. These BG’s were knocked out in record time with no copying or pasting. (about 2 hours) I use a lot of custom brushes tho and that up front work has really helped me out over the years. Cyndi also busted thru this page. Sometimes you just gotta do your best in the time allotted. All in all I think we did alright, and better still kept our deadline and our record clean. So yay for that!

On to other things. Under here is a fan art I did for a wonderful friend of mine. An amazing guy and artist named Mike Wagganer. He has a wonderfully fun and gorgeous comic called Deep Space Tragedy about a robot rock band. Its coming out through Cosmic Times and is going to be available at comic shops in the near future. You can see what its all about and if that tickles your fancy maybe even preorder the book. Alright I’m out guys. Cyndi will be back next week with the fun and dynamism you expect from an Oops post. Later Oops readers!