Oh my, perhaps Oops has gone over broad again on the magic. He’s covered the whole valley in flowers. Now the Forest Guardian have more flower minion to be a troll with.
Special Announcement!
Big things are going down on Tapastic. It you don’t already follow us their, give it a try.

Winter is coming, along with a massive Christmas special to take the whole Tapastic site by storm.

For the last several months, I’ve been working hard with a group of 24 other fantastic Tapastic creators to create a huge Xmas comic adventure. Like an advent calendar, each day we’ll be releasing a new episode on each participating artist’s comic series. Giving, you the readers, a chance to go on an adventure along side our comic characters, explore the Tapastic site, discover new comic series, and enjoy the Winter Xmas season.

Keep an eye on my Tapastic wall posts as I announce who’s series you should visit next to continue the experience.

It’s going to amazing amount of fun! I’M SO EXCITED!!! AAAHHH!!!

Also, Dec 5th will be an Open Request Livestream to celebrate reaching 900 subs on Taps. All are welcomed to join! And if you’re a Patreon supporter (as little as $1 per month to join) you get full colored sketches. See you then! 😀

For this week on November Reader Appreciation Month, I write you another heart felt Haiku Poem:

hem hem
Pages and panels;
Sequential, scenes, and chapters;
My life in comics;