Hey guys!

The last page of issue 5. The big issue finale with a first time reveal of our villain; King Hectric Tepper, the Dark.

What did you think of issue 5? Please let’s us know your feedback. <3 We going to go on a between issue break now that we've reached the end, to work on building issue 6. We'll be back in Feb with more updates, however, we're still going to be posting something once a week; Guest comics, Sketch dumps, Q&A comics. Thanks so much for following up so far, from issue 1 and beyond. Thank you! It means so much to us to share our comic and receive so much love and support. Also, on Wednesday, we posted a very special Oops Christmas episode on Tapastic. You can check it out here: Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 16 :: Oops Comic Adventure

Happy Holidays everyone <3