Next weekend is Kids Read Comics!
Oops at Kids Read Comics 2015
Jeramy and I will be making the journey to Ann Arbor, Michigan, just for the event. Kids Read Comics a Free to attend comic convention for kids and the young at heart to celebrate the visual medium we all know and love; comics! There will be very talented artists and industry professionals attending, and fun art events! We’ll be debuting the new release of Oops issue 4, in color! Can’t wait to see you guys there!

In this week’s new update, that little patch of grass on the side of a cliff, looks like paradise. I need a nature nook like that were I can unwind and cloud gaze. XD

Do you have your own personal space that you like to escape to? What does your hide away nook look like?

Mine is a one bedroom apartment, where I have a small windowsill garden, all my stuff, my work computer, and various messes here and there. Other than three cats and Jeramy, that comes home from work later than I, it’s nice and private.