We’re back and getting back into the swing of consistent updates.

Sorry again for the delay in updates and thank you for your patience.

For a recap of what has happened so far:
-Oops and friends set off on a journey to The Windy Leave Clan
-Chief of Knights and the Hec Hound close in on them in the forest
-The Forest Guardian kicks their butt by having the trees, bushes, and vines spring to life around them
-Chief of Knights escapes while the Hec Hound is encased in a tree
-We learn that Hec Hounds are corrupted Gryphons
-Oops and the group go deeper and deeper into the forest and the plants around them seem to get bigger
-Oops sees the elves closing in around them riding on giant hamsters, but his friend don’t seem to see them and keep arguing at each other
-Sable, a wood elf, leads Oops away as Murf, a tricksy wood elf, interacts with the arguing group
-In the wood elf village hidden inside a giant tree, we see them use portals and magic
-Oops and friends get reunited and Sable and Murf explain that they ambushed them inorder to know who was in their forest
-We meet Chiefest Ballaving

Phew, issue 6 is really big so far and we’re not near the end of the issue yet.