Issue ending! Yay!!! One of our longest issues yet, at 35 pages in total.

And of course with each end of an issue, Jeramy and I will be going on a sort of “break” as we organize the next issue for launch and format issue 6 for print and sale.

I’m currently working on setting up a Volume 2 Graphic Novel for print which will include issues 4-6, Volume 1 Graphic Novels will contain issues 1-3, and both will now include an ISSN barcode (which is good for stores and libraries). YAY!

Jeramy and I are also working on updating our prologue. Issue 1 and 2 are currently our prologue and one that gets the most questions.
– “why is the art style different”
– “why is the pacing off/etc.”

We agree. They were made back in 2012 when we were first finding our rhyme in webcomics together. Issue 1 is drawn completely by Jeramy, while in issue two I drew Plague and Jeramy drew the rest. Issue 3 is where we found a system with Jeramy drawing backgrounds and I drawing the characters. Also we feel the prologue is where new readers get introduced to a series and it’s best to put our best foot forward.

I honestly can say how long it’ll take us to update issue 1 and 2 into 1 cohesive pretty issue, however I will try to keep you guys informed on our progress.

Also to keep things interesting and lively here while we work, I’m going to post extra fun things to the site.


Please feel free to submit a question to your favorite character and get a response back in comic form.
The list of characters are:





Royal Guard
(demoted from Chief of Knights)

Dark King Hectric Tepper

Elder Zorro

Hec Hound



Chiefest Ballaving

Speaking of reader Q&A’s, this ending in issue 6 is based off a question we received from a curious reader. Thank you RoastDuck.

[Click for full size image]

You can read the full uncensored/unpotoo gryphon’d version on Patreon. $1 unlocks all posts and all donations are appreciated. Or go back and read the ending of Issue 6 because that’s pretty much how we answered the question X3

Thank you for reading thus far! Please let us know your thoughts about the issue ending and the story so far.