It’s just not Xmas till I draw a few of my webcomic friends hanging out with Oops and Plague at a Winter Festival. ♥

I’ll link all 21 webcomics below, but try guessing who’s who first. See how many you know. XD

As for a hiatus update, I’ve been slowly getting back into the roll of things this last week. We have issue 7 all scripted out and I’m making progress roughing out the issue. Once we get some pages ready we’ll start posting again, though there’s still not really a time frame from when that’ll be. We’re still waiting on our baby boy, Gryffin, to be born.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a happy New Year’s!

Webcomics is order of left to right:
Heroes of Thantopolis

A Better Place

Postcards in Braille


Tales from the Well

Bubble Fox

The Bat that was Afraid of the Dark

Paisley Brickstone

Rosette, the Dragonet

Boulder and Fleet

Pest Caravan

Devil’s Arces






Star Watcher

Sanity Circus

Dragon Tutor

Goblins of Razard