Guest Strip: Megan McKay creator of Doodle For Food
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The FINAL Week of our Work-cation! This week we’re sending Issue 4 to the printers and will have copies people can purchase in the next few weeks. Yay! And we’re still plugging away on Issue 5. We’ve recently reached 450 total subscribers on Tapastic! We’ll be celebrating with another Art Request Livestream this Saturday around 4 pm EST. Check an eye on our wall post for the link on Saturday.

If you’re already a fan of, think about following Oops on Tapastic too. Now with Tapastic’s Ad Revenue program, just by checking in and reading Oops for time to time, you’re helping us towards earning a living through comics. Thanks you guys! <3 And thank you, Megan, for helping us fill in the gaps while we work like crazy people to get the next issue ready and then some. <3 This week's special guest comic is by Megan McKay, the creator of the hilarious comic series Doodle For Food. I love her bite size fun humorous gag strips. If you like witty humor, give Doodle For Food a try.

Thank you, Megan! <3