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Can you spot the cheeky cameo [RED] & Flynn hid into the strip? ;D

Liar’s Dice is a noir/suspense comic with drop-dead gorgeous artwork! [RED] & Flynn is a knock out creative team with lovable snarky and grumpy characters, well written story so far, with updates that’ll leave you looking forward to the next post. The suspense is INTENSE!

Issue 6 of Oops starts next Friday! Thank you so much to all the lovely talented guest artists that helped fill our update schedule while Jeramy and I took time off. Show these guests some love and visit their series. You may even find a new series to love. ♥

Tomorrow! Will be another fun Quick Draw Livestream event with Mar Mai and I taking your requests and drawing them in a time limit. It’ll be wacky and fun! Join us Saturday at 1:00 pm est.