Guest Strip: Sugar fiend creator of Silversong
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Week five of our Work-cation! This week, with the help of Eddie Jensen or Sketchmazoid of Grapple Seed, we finalized the coloring of issue 4! Be on the look out for an announcement on how you can get your hands on a colored issue in print in the next up coming updates. Thank you guest artist for helping us fill in the gaps while we work like crazy people to get the next issue ready and then some. <3 This week's special guest comic is by Sugar Fiend or Samantha Chapman! One of my favorite people on Tapastic and creator of the beautiful comic series, Silversong. If you like Oops, you'll love Silversong. When I go to post my "thank you for subscribing" images on our subscriber's walls, I always usually see a Silversong thank you post lol Silversong is an high fantasy adventure comic following the tale of one girl with prophetic abilities as she blindly stumbles into a dangerous plot to tear down The Walled Kingdom. Thank you, Sam! <3