Guest Strip: TheMonkeySkull, creator of ABZeek

Week two of our Work-action! I have thumbnailed out the first part of issue 5 and we’ll be working on constructing pages this week. XD Thank you guest artist for helping us fill in the gaps while we work like crazy people to get the next issue ready. <3 This week's strip is brought to you by the letter; M.
M as in MonkeySkull! The creator of the action packed humorous comic series ABZeek. The series follows Zeek, an alien from the planet Knox. Imprisoned for her crimes against the people of Knox, she escapes and finds her way to Earth where she meets a human named Alex. The two find themselves in a constant stream of bad luck, no thanks to Zeek. However, she seems to always have a trick up her sleeve to help SMASH, BASH, PEW PEW, KA-BOOM! their way out of trouble again.

Thank you, MonkeySkull! <3