Guest Strip: Wendy Martin creator of Kappa

Week three of our Work-action! This last week has been crazy busy. Working on layouts for issue 5, mobile optimizing our official webcomic site, and preparing for Free Comic Book Day where we’ll be tabling at two different stores. Thank you guest artist for helping us fill in the gaps while we work like crazy people to get the next issue ready. <3 This week's special guest splash page is by Wendy Martin! She is amazingly talented. Her comic is called Kappa Comic. If you like merfolk and a fan of aquatic worlds/creatures, it's a mandatory MUST that you read Wendy's comic. Kappa is about kingdoms of Merpeople and their fight for survival against giant sea creatures and religious war. It follows the story of a fish boy named Kappa as he journeys through the Eastern seas looking for a home. Because of his strange, brightly colored tail, Kappa constantly attracts the attention of ocean predators, so no kingdom has ever accepted him into their territory. However, every encounter with a giant beast has taught him each creature’s weakness and unique ways of defending himself.

Thank you, Wendy! <3