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Craps table and the game rules defined

The game is all about throwing a pair of dice after placing one or several bets. Table for craps allows to make 22 bets in total, whereas the outcome of the rolling dice will determine whether a person loses or wins. Different fields on the table represent the multiple of payout 2x, 3x, 4x etc. If this is a complex approach then people simply stick with to options to bet on behalf of the shooter of the dice “Pass the line” or go against Don’t pass the line”.

How do bets on crap table work?

Craps table in craps online is consisted of large number of fields where players can make a bet on the outcome of the rolling dice. It basically represents the numbers on which to bet to either go on the shooter’s side or against him. The alternative option is to bet on the field, where numbers like 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 will win the game for you and the others lose. The additional advantage of the layout is that for instance, 2 will stand for 2x of payout and 12 will stand for 3x or 4x of payout that is depended on casino rules. Here are the bets, that can be made on craps table:

  1. Pass Line;
  2. Don’t Pass;
  3. Come;
  4. Don’t Come;
  5. Pass Line Odds;
  6. Don’t Pass Odds;
  7. Come Odds;
  8. Don’t Come Odds;
  9. Place Win;
  10. Place Lose;
  11. Buy;
  12. Lay;
  13. Big 6;
  14. Big 8;
  15. Hardways;
  16. Field;
  17. Any 7;
  18. Any 11;
  19. Any Craps;
  20. Ace Deuce;
  21. Aces;
  22. Boxcar.
craps table in casino

Real craps table also provides the chance to bet on particular combination of double numbers. For example, 2 and 2 or 4 and 4. It also allows the rolling dice to be summed up to 3 and up to 11. The outcome of theses chances will vary from 7 to1, up to 30 to1. The player is free to opt for “Any craps” option (for example 2, 3 or 12), which has the payout of 7 to 1. The above mentioned bets all have different payout.

Craps rules

Craps table in craps casino is about to make the bet by a chosen shooter. Before rolling the dices the rest of the players make the bet to match the shooter’s wager. Then come out roll is made:

  1. If 7,11, 2, 3, or 12 it could be the first and the last roll;
  2. If 7 or 11 appears the shooter and these who bet on his side will win;
  3. 2, 3 and 12 mean that the shooter and these who bet on his side lose;
  4. If come out roll does not represent any of the above mentioned numbers it is designated as point number;
  5. Then, the shooter has to roll out the point number before 7 appears;
  6. 7 represents “Out”;
  7. If the shooter rolls out 7 before point number everybody on his side and himself lose;
  8. Shooting continues before either the point number or 7 appears.

The shooter and everybody on his side win if point number is reached. If 7 appears everybody who was against him will win the game. Craps table represents various options of betting according to the rules of craps, which are stated here. The most important thing is to remember the order and simple numbers that will make one or the other side lose or win.

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