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Free craps is a great game to spend some time with fun and winnings

Tired of the same online casino games? Bored of playing slots, poker or blackjack? Then why not try yourself in a completely different category of games? For example, one of the most fun and exciting casino games – craps! If you have ever visited a craps casino, you may have noticed that the largest and noisiest companies gather around the craps tables to enjoy free craps. This is a great multiplayer game that you can play and win a big jackpot.

In terms of its gameplay, craps is a bit like roulette in which the player makes a spin on his own. Many people prefer to play craps, because here you can place several bets per game – before the first throw and after the first throw. The rules for craps are pretty simple and after reading this article and playing a couple of games, you will quickly figure out the game and feel confident at any table. Nowadays many craps players prefer online craps because it is easier to fill the table, you can play at any time of the day and many other advantages.

How to play free craps

If you are looking to start your gambling career, or are simply interested in free craps, the best place to start is with free online craps. By playing in the free casino, you definitely do not risk losing real money. It is also useful for gaining free experience and hone your skills. But before you start playing craps online, you first need to learn the craps rules. How to play craps online:

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  • The game is designed for up to 20 players.
  • There are several rounds and several bets – in the first round and in the second round.
  • At the beginning of the round, one player becomes a shooter and gets 2 dice
  • The player places a bet on how many points he will make from one throw.
  • After the bets and throw, the dice are transferred to another player with the same rules.
  • You can refuse to throw and still continue betting on other players’ throws.
  • The round with the first throw is called Come Out and the second round is called Point.
  • The point has similar rules as the first round.
  • You have to bet on how much value the shooter will get after the throw.
  • After all the players have placed their bets and throws, the game is over and a new round begins.

Now you understand why we said that according to the rules the game is similar to roulette. But unlike roulette, it has variable gameplay and a lot of fun.

Types of craps

Like any popular game, there are several different types of craps. Each type has its own unique rules, gameplay features and winnings. We have made a list of existing types of craps with a short description:

  1. Bank craps. One of the variations of the original craps, also known as Las Vegas craps. Bank Craps has a different table than the original game, and all bets are placed against the house.
  2. Crapsless craps. They also have another name – Bastard Craps. In this type of game, the bet rules have been slightly changed, and the shooter is always in a huge disadvantage – his house edge is 5.38%.
  3. Street craps. Nowadays you won’t find street kraps among the free craps games, but they used to be very popular. There is no game table in the game, and the shooter must throw dice on the ground.

Each type of craps is interesting in its own way and you should definitely try it!

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