Sharpshooter craps method explained

What is Sharpshooter craps method?

Expert gamblers are attempting to create approaches to beat the casino every year. Most of them are based upon card counting, winning possibilities, statistics and so on. Still, there are techniques that reach the core of the concern and attempt to control the outcome of the game, however not to think it. One of them is Sharpshooter craps method.

Sharpshooter craps strategy discussed

The technique is called after a popular craps skilled Christopher Pawlicki, whose nickname in the gaming sphere is “Sharpshooter”. It might sound ludicrous, but he developed a method how to control the dice in the method to throw it and get the precise numbers you desire. Though this method is still controversial, it’s acknowledged by the neighborhood and it’s truly effective (however possibly not even the author claims).

The idea of the whole thing is to toss the dice “properly”. The author states you must have a precise control of your body, wrist and the entire hand when you toss it. As the result, it will bounce against the table and reveal the outcome you want on its face. Pawlicki discusses Sharpshooter craps technique details in his book.

Benefits and drawbacks of the method

There are both advantages and downsides of utilizing this approach. Here are the primary pros:

  1. You possibly have an opportunity over any gambling establishment in the game.
  2. You can make any bet you desire and simply get the preferred number utilizing the strategy.
  3. If you’ve mastered the strategy, you’ll get wins in the bulk of cases.

Still the mentioned approach has cons too:

  • Sharpshooter craps strategy is useless in online gambling establishments;
  • it all takes time to practice and hone your moves;
  • there is no 100% result guarantee (even with lots of practice you can fail to do everything exactly).

As you can see, even this technique has limits, however it’s at least worth to attempt. You’ll have a better body control and opportunities to win anyhow.

How was the approach developed?

Let’s now trace the roots of the method. There are 2 main points that had the most significant influence on the strategy. The very first one is that Christopher Pawlicki was an engineer, so he is well knowledgeable about mechanics, mathematics, physics and stats. The 2nd important reality is that he was acquainted and dealt with Jerry Patterson – another dice control craps specialist. Together they worked together to produce PARR Dice Control Course.

Christopher Pawlicki has written dozens of articles on game methods and the ways to toss the dice in the most effective method. He also composed a course in 321 pages that offers an extensive explanation of his strategy. Except the Sharpshooter technique itself, it has lots of info on basic guidelines, odds and possibilities, so it will be smart to check out the course anyway.

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