Day 15 – The J-man and Creep

Jolly Johnny Aleksmas’s series The J-Man Web Series take place after a freak accident at Empire Labs. A NYC youth, Jonny Regionson Jr., is infected with a health dose of Element 120, Jaintium. Strangely, it has granted him superhuman abilities. Taking up the (not-so-good) name of “The J”, Jonny plans to take down the mysterious “Big-Man of crime” and help his police captain father. But this kind of life won’t be easy, as this will pit him against super villains, the police, and his own warping mind.

Kayke’s series Creep follows Riley, a quiet teen, who gains strange powers after a fruit punch related accident and is peer pressured into using his new found powers for the forces of good.

It’s a “with great power comes great responsibility” day as both super powered series have heroic main characters that use their powers for good. Give these series a try for yourself and enjoy the action pack adventures of these daring do-gooders. ♥