Day 9 – Consuming Darkness and EXtinction

Nox.Fox’s series Consuming Darkness follows Priest and farseer, Elethir who just turned blind from witnessing a prophecy holding a promise of Fire, Death, and Forbidden Passion brought to the temple by a new recruit – Alastar. Setting for himself the mission to mentor the novice, Elethir is decided to challenge destiny. But can he truly kindle light and goodness into the young man’s heart?

Taikgwendo’s series EXtinction is set in a time where mythical creatures walked on the earth. Seeing the human heart being corrupted, they stopped helping them. Then Man decreed that what is not given to him, he will get by force. The world was silent, blood flowed, everything was over. So why do you fight, little white kirin? How ironic that the one who does not possess colors, wants to give some to the world…

Consuming Darkness is a thought provoking series that tests social norms in both serious and at times humorous ways. It’s a Fantasy series that will stay in your thoughts hours after reading it. EXtinction is filled with gorgeous fully rendered painterly artwork with a high Fantasy story centered around mythical creatures, especially the Eastern Asian dragon-horse known as Kirins, and how man’s greed works to destroy something so beautiful. Both great series that are a must on a Fantasy loving reading list. ♥