Hi guys,

Deep apologies for the lack of updates for the last few months. I’ve been consumed with organizing a holiday event over on Tapastic with over 50 other webcomic artists. It was a lot to do. @A@

The event lasts from Nov 28th-Dec 25th. IT STARTS TODAY!!! Yay!

Tapastic Holiday Collab, is this year’s collaboration project where 2 artists a day will post their collab episode to their series and it’s a fun site wide adventure for readers to hop from series to series discovering new comics and following the cheer of the collab episodes.

I really want to share this event with you guys, so each day till the 25th, I’m going to make a post to this site letting you know who to check out over on Tapastic and why they’re so awesome and why I’d recommend you checking them out.

Day 1 – Shane Butt and Tasha Butt


Tasha and Shane are two super loving cute insanely twisted sweeties on Tapastic.

Shane’s series Beefpaper an autobiographical comic series about Shane and his best friend/fiancé and the crazy adventures and day to day antics they get into.

And Tasha’s series Hoi Butt! is a diary comic where Tasha shares more fun wacky antics with Shane but also a few episodes sharing my personal insights and stories.

After reading both Beefpaper and Hoi Butt! you’re bound to smile and fall in love with these two eggs ♥