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Webcomics We Love:


Kid Safe Webcomics:

Heroes of Thantopolis

Cyrus doesn’t remember anything, but he’s certain he’s alive – making his arrival in Thantopolis, the City of the Dead, especially strange. Queen Helene, ruler of the city, would rather you call it an “opportunity.” As the Queen’s Champion, Cyrus fights bad guy ghosts, makes friend, and uncovers mysteries. But was it really by chance that Cyrus arrived in the city? Or is there more to Cyrus than it seems…

Tales From the Well

A boy prince falls down a cursed well and goes on creepy adventures in the underworld. He teams up with two sisters to find a way home.

Paisley High

Being the new kid is never easy, but life gets even harder for Harvey Mammaroth when gym class takes a wild turn and he and his classmates find themselves trapped in an empty school. Is the whole thing just a vague assignment set up by their sadistic gym teacher, Coach Trener? Or is something much darker going on?

Pest Caravan

A band of outcasts find commonality in a ramshackle caravan exterminating extraordinary household pests to make ends meet. Despite the danger, the work is far from glorious, but some poor sod has to do it.

Together the caravaners stubbornly weave themselves into a world that fights relentlessly to tuck them away.


Riley, a quiet teen, gains strange powers after a fruit punch related accident and is peer pressured into using his new found powers for the forces of good.

Rosette, the Dragonet

When Mercy changes schools she doesn’t expect one of her new classmates to be a huge fire-breathing reptile.
Will they be friends or foes?

Boulder And Fleet

A bear and a bird travel the world and right that which is wrong.

A Book For Monster

Suburban 7th grader magda flores is kidnapped and abandoned in the supernatural depths of the pacific northwest. she really HOPES she’s some kind of “chosen one”


PG13 Webcomics:


A fantasy story about a mundane deaf girl trying to help her shapechanger friend and a mute necromancer fix some embarrassing magical mistakes.


An impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost.




Creators of Oops Comic Adventure:


Jeramy Hobbs– Layout, inks, pencil, writing, backgrounds
Cyndi Foster– Pencils, Lettering, writing, concept art, web maintenance


Guest Cover Artists:


Joshua Stevens– Issue 1
James Whynot– Issue 2
Zach Bassett– Issue 3
Tiina Purin– Issue 4
Richard Gaines– Issue 5
Shazzbaa– Issue 6