Day 10 – RuneWriter and KamiKaze

Shazzbaa’s series Runewriters is a fantasy story about a mundane deaf girl, Tareth, trying to help her shapechanger friend, Severian, and a mute necromancer, Jonan, fix some embarrassing magical mistakes. Note: RW is PG-13 for a little bit of blood and a little bit of language.

Team KamiKaze’s series KamiKaze takes place two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the worlds of a mysterious covert operation and a young courier collide when a critical mission is blown. Unwittingly thrown into a life or death game of espionage and sabotage the courier has to keep running if she ever hopes escape.

Both Runewriters and Kamikaze are series with lovable fully developed characters that are compelling to follow on their adventure. One being a fantasy, Runewriters, and the other being a scifi, Kamikaze, both great series to add to your reading list. ♥