“Everyone has a different way to see the world around them.” – Kurisquare

I’m a huge fan of Kuri’s webcomic Postcards in Braille, so when she asked for artists to help with guest strips I jumped at the opportunity. If you don’t know this webcomic yet, please check it out at ( tapastic.com/series/postcards ). It’s a comic full of heart! Following Sigma (who’s blind) and his day to day antics with his girlfriend, Xi, best friend, Rho, and Xi’s best friend, Omi.

For this guest strip, I asked the question, “Do the blind dream? How do they experience dreaming?”

I did some research on how the blind dream, if they dream, what would it look like. Very fascinating stuff! Yes, blind people do dream in sounds, feeling textures, and smells. (Not the easiest things to convey in a visual medium) However, there’s a theory that the blind can also dream in colors and shapes but have no idea what they’re actually seeing or how to describe it to a scientist. So for my guest strip I decided to convey Sigma’s dream through a kaleidoscope of colors animated gif and ambiance sounds of voices with soundcloud.

I guess, everyone has a different way to dream as well. 🙂

You can see the full guest strip on Kurisquare’s comic series here: tapastic.com/episode/101588