Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 17!

Day 17! Only 8 more days till Christmas. OAO!

Today’s episode is on Kuri’s series Postcards in Braille. Sigma now has the mysterious gift after having a cute one-sided conversation, about the meaning of Christmas, with Oops. What will Rho, Xi, and Sigma do with this strange present, that has somehow remained unopened so far? Will Rho be the one to open it?! Find out by clicking the link.

Postcards in Braille is a fun slice of life/comedy series following the blind Sigma, his crazy best friend Rho, Sig’s adorable girlfriend Xi, and her BF Omicron. Wacky antics and funny situations abound, it’s hard not to love this cute series filled with heart. Check it out from start to finish and subscribe if you haven’t done so already.