Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 18!

Day 18! One week left till the big finale!

Today’s episode is on Anna’s series Grassblades. No holiday story is complete without at least 1 scrooge or grinch character, and Masahiro is definitely that grumpy samurai that perfectly fills that role. However, can the sweet Akane crack that grumpy shell and get him to help deliver the gift and spread the holiday cheer!? Find out right now by clicking the link above.

Grassblade is a story that follows a wondering samurai warrior on a quest find a cure to a curse set upon him and a cute mute orphan girl, that has chosen to follow him despite all his efforts to get her to stay at a village. This comic has action, magic, adventure, grumpiness, and some big heart behind it. Check it out and enjoy Masahiro’s journey.

Check it out here on Tapastic.