Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 20!

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 20 :: Wingless

5 days left!

This episode was original posted on S.A.’s series Wingless: The Dovecote Princess. Learn why you should never come between Ephelia and her food. How will Ephelia and her trusty magical book, Bouquin, deliver the gift to the Tapastic mascot? Check it out for a fun slightly gory episode of holiday cheer.

Wingless is a dark fantasy series with thrilling scenes of violence and gore, centered around a story of a Princess out to become a knight. If you are one for more thrilling fantasy series that play around with cute and gory imaginary, Wingless is the perfect series for you to check out. Read the full story for start to finish and enjoy the fun ride.

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 21!

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 21 :: Silversong

4 days left! Are you READY!?!

This episode was original posted on Sugar Fiend’s series, Silversong. Teb receives a strange dented gift from an equally strange girl, and wait… was that blood on that girl’s shirt? What will Teb do in this highly strange situation? Hopefully Garfric can help her find this “Tapastic Mascot” fellow.

High fantasy, medieval kingdoms, odd magical ability with beautiful artwork and playful paneling, these are a few things you can get out of the comic series, Silversong. The story follows a young girl with prophetic abilities, named Tebetha, who leaves home in search of answers but instead stumbles upon a dark plot to tear down The Walled Kingdom. If you’ve been wanting a great fantasy series to get lost in, Silversong is just that series for you. Read it from beginning to end and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 22!

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 22 :: Big Jo

3 days left! … It’s almost the end.

This episode was original posted on Jungle Julia’s series, Big Jo. Arthur, Big Jo, and Tom have setup their Science Fair booth and are ready to earn some extra credit. Wait… Was this suppose to be a Science Fair or a Winter Fest? Oh no, what kind of craziness has Tom gotten Arthur and Big Jo into this time? And what will be their solution to delivering the gift?

Big Jo is an unique comic series that shows life through the eyes of an over weight high school student. Tackling unfair serious issues that Big Jo faces in school, along with truly funny heart felt moments, this comic series is one that you’ll look forward to each time it updates (every Friday). Check out this series and fall in love with it.

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 23!

Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 23 :: Sanity Circus

2 days left! … The end is near!

This episode was original posted on Windy’s series, Sanity Circus. It’s up to Attley and Fletch now to deliver the gift. Can they do it? Can they do it was a killer scarecrow after them? Someone, eventually, has to deliver this gift right?!

Attley is a young girl in the strange city of Sanity. Things become stranger when her best friend turns out to be not what she seems, and soon discovers that may apply to the entire city itself. Sanity Circus offers entertaining character interactions and high fantasy action, with great art and writing, this will surely be another series to add to your collection of favorites.