Tapastic Winter Fest 2015 Dec 25!

Finally the Finale! Happy Holidays Everyone!

This episode was original posted on Feyuca’s series, Two Cent Slice. It’s HERE! We’ve finally made it to the end, as the Tapastic mascot finally get their present and reacts to all the crazy stuff that has happened.

Two Cent Slice is a hilarious situational comedic comic series, drawn by the original Tapastic artist herself. Check out Two Cent Slice for more fun and laughs.
Thank you for following this fun adventure from start to finish. From all of us to you, we wish you the best of Holiday Cheer!

Oh! And one more thing…

Did you find all the hidden Tapastic mascots? Enter your final count at the link below for your chance to win your own Holiday Gift.

For extra artist statements and behind the scenes reveals, check out the Tapastic Winter Fest forum thread: